Understanding the Safe Handling of Medicines (Level 2)

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Study Time: 110 Hours
Entry Requirements: Min 18 years
Understanding the Safe Handling of Medicines (Level 2)
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Understanding the Safe Handling of Medicines (Level 2) Certificate

This programme is aimed at people working or wishing to work in a health and social care context and is ideal for those who wish to develop a basis of transferable knowledge and skills in the safe handling of medicines. The subjects covered within the course enable candidates to gain an understanding of different types of medication and what they're used for, how to store and dispose of medicines and Safeway, how to administer medicines safely.

This course is ideal for those aged 18 and over who wish to develop their understanding of the safe handling of medicines. These may be learners who wish to access this training with a view to progress on to further qualifications, or learners who wish to study this programme to complement other programmes.

Key Topics

Unit 1: Understand medication and prescriptions

Unit 2: Supply, storage and disposal of medication

Unit 3: Understand the requirements for the safe administration of medication

Unit 4: Record-keeping and audit processes for medication administration and storage

Entry Requirements

Our Understanding the Safe Handling of Medicines (Level 2) course is openly available to anyone wishing to learn more about Safe Handling of Medicines and has a keen interest in the subject, plus an intention to progress a career.

  • Should be of minimum 18 years
  • Learners will need sufficient numeracy and literacy
  • Students should have access to a computer and the internet throughout your study period.
  • Learners should have basic PC skills in order to navigate our Support Portal
  • You should be fully committed to your studies.

Study Time

Study Hours are an approximate figure and are dependant upon how much time you can dedicate to your studies and how well you grasp the learning concepts in the course material. Furthermore, at the end of each lesson there is a question paper that needs to be completed and returned to your tutor. You should allow at least 1 - 2 hours of study to complete each question paper.

The approximate amount of time required to complete the Understanding the Safe Handling of Medicines (Level 2) course is: 110 hrs

Study Time
Please select the average number of hours you can study per week.
Hours per Week
Completion Time (weeks)
* Please note that these are approximate figures.


Assessments are a great way of checking your progress allowing you to apply your learning to real-world situations. Through the Certificate in Understanding the Safe Handling of Medicines (Level 2) Course by Focus Awards, students will be assessed by a series of written assignments, which are submitted to and marked by your tutor.

All assignments are set by Focus Awards. Upon verification of the activities, exercises and assignments, a certificate of achievement will be awarded by Focus Awards, as confirmation that your written work has met all of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for the programme. There is no external examination required.

Online Version

With online based study you can access the course online. You can then review them in your own time and complete the assignments which you are required to submit to your personal tutor for marking and feedback.

PAY IN FULL £495.00 £495.00
PAY IN INSTALMENTS* £140.00 £130.00 4 £660.00

Paper Version

With paper based study we post out the course materials to you. You can then review them in your own time and complete the assignments which you are required to submit to your personal tutor for marking and feedback.

PAY IN FULL £515.00 £515.00
PAY IN INSTALMENTS* £160.00 £130.00 4 £680.00

You will have access to a tutor, via email, who will mark your work and guide you through the course to help you be ready for your examinations. In addition you will be supplied with a comprehensive Study Guide which will help you through the study and assessment process.

The course pack includes, guidance on relevant study skills and full tutor support comprising:

  • the marking of a series of assignments
  • written answers to specific study problems
  • full tutor support via emails
  • a copy of our study guide, will give you guidance on studying and submitting assignments
  • How does distance learning work?
  • To ensure studying is flexible and convenient, most of our courses are divided into sections. You work through each section at your own pace and time. Once completed, send the test paper back to your personal tutor for marking. You will then move onto the next section once successfully completing the previous section. The support period is dependent on the type of course you choose; our minimum support period is one year.
  • When can I start the course?
  • The answer is simple, when YOU want; you can start the course at any time we do not have any set enrolment dates. Most of our courses don?t require any previous experience or qualifications. All you need is a desire and motivation to succeed. You can even start right now - call and speak to one of our Professional Course Advisors.
  • How long do the courses take?
  • This is dependent upon your choice of course and how fast you want to learn. A full breakdown of the course is available in your course literature. We do provide estimated number of study hours; ask our course advisors for details.
  • Are there any further costs involved?
  • No, once your course has been paid for there are no further costs involved. But there is a cost for optional practical training.
  • Are there any time limits or deadline dates?
  • Unlike other Distance Education Colleges, we impose no time limits or pressures on you to complete your course material. Your course will not expire, and it will not become invalid until you have successfully completed it. All that we ask, is that you inform the College if you are intending to take a break from studying for a period of 6 months or more.
  • Can I contact other students?
  • Yes, each course provides you with the opportunity to enter a student forum. The forum is the place for students to share their thoughts and information with each other.
  • Can I pay by instalments?
  • If you would like to pay for your course by instalments, we do offer an affordable payment plan scheme that allows you to spread the cost of your course over a period of five months. When you enrol on your course you simply pay a small deposit followed by a structured small monthly repayment plan.
  • I want to buy a course that is not on the course list. What do I do?
  • Our website has an excellent list of the most popular courses. However, we do have access to a more in-depth portfolio should you not find the course you are looking for. You can call our course advisors and discuss the course you are interested in. Please call 0800 009 6262 to discuss your interest/ requirement.
  • Can I study more than one course at a time?
  • Yes, this is possible. You will find that by studying this way, you create a steady flow of work for yourself. Many of our courses are very complementary to each other and work well together. Our students tend to start with one course, and very quickly find how easy it is to study from home and move on to another one.
  • Do the courses have tutorial support?
  • Yes, You will be allocated an experienced tutor who will guide you through the course, mark your assignments and generally help you with any problems you may have. Your tutors can be contacted via email and post.
  • Do I need any additional study material once I have enrolled?
  • No, all of our courses are complete (in the very rare case were a course text book is advised, this will be clearly displayed on our website). However we always encourage our students to conduct their own further reading.
  • Do I need any previous qualifications or experience before I can enrol on a course?
  • No, all of our courses are available to all students of all academic backgrounds. If you are concerned that you may have difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly course advisors who will be more than willing to discuss the options available to you.
  • How do I get help with my course work?
  • You can get help 7 days a week by email, or post from your dedicated tutor, you just email your assignments for marking. You have to send your assignments one at a time so the tutor can mark one and give you the feedback.
  • How will I be tested throughout my course?
  • After each lesson there will be a question paper, which needs to be completed and submitted to your personal tutor for marking. This method of continual assessment ensures that your personal tutor can consistently monitor your progress and provide you with assistance throughout the duration of the course. All of the question papers for your course can be completed from the comfort of your own home. There will be no need for you to attend any physical location like a test centre or our campus.
  • Will I get a qualification at the end?
  • Yes, for all our courses, you will receive a diploma or a recognised qualification from the awarding body of your course.
  • Is there a time limit or any deadlines?
  • We do like you to complete the course within the tutor support period but we can extend this for a small charge (currently £65 for 12 months). If you follow the recommended study hours, this will give you a good guide to complete the course within the specified time period.
  • How quickly will I receive my course material?
  • Once your payment has been received and cleared; your enrolment should be processed within two days and your course materials delivered within 5 days, for customers who choose to pay in instalments this can take longer as we need a signed agreement back from you before we send the course materials.
  • I?m not sure of what course I should take? Can you help?
  • Yes we can, it is important that you pursue a course which you will enjoy. Although we cannot make this decision for you, we employ a team of dedicated Professional Course Advisors, who will guide you towards making the right choice. Whether you want specific information, or just a chat about what?s available, contact us now.
  • Why choose Learning@Home?
  • The breadth and depth of our portfolio of courses means that we will have a course to interest you. We are committed to your success, and offer advice and support through every step of the process. We have a dedicated team of Professional Course Advisors that can give you access to career and recruitment advice, whilst offering excellent value and quality courses.
  • How do I enrol?
  • The enrolment application process can be accessed by clicking on ENROL button & choosing PAY IN FULL/ INSTALMENT PLAN button and completing the secure online registration form. Or alternatively you are welcome to print out the registration form and post it back to us. If you use any of the debit or credit cards you are welcome to phone in or fax your enrolment.

Qualification: Certificate in Understanding the Safe Handling of Medicines (Level 2)

On successful completion of Certificate in Understanding the Safe Handling of Medicines (Level 2), you'll be awarded the Qualification in subject by Focus Awards - A Qualification which will show your knowledge and commitment when it comes to becoming a Health Nurse. Prospective employers will realise your interests when they see how thoroughly you have studied and prepared for your new role.

This course has been accredited through the Focus Awards “Focus on Quality Provision” (FQP) Scheme at a level of learning equivalent to level 2 on The Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) for England, Wales and Northern Ireland (where level 2 and level 3 courses are similar in difficulty to GCSEs and A Levels, respectively).

The training courses have been designed specifically to meet the needs of learners who prefer to study from home. The course measurable learning outcomes have been benchmarked at Level 2 (using Ofqual's QCF level descriptors) to allow you to consider the depth of study, difficulty, and level of achievement involved.

Focus Awards is regulated as an Awarding Organisation by Ofqual, the qualification regulators for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. FQP programmes are designed to give formal recognition to courses in a wide range of subjects that fall outside the QCF. They are not qualifications; on successful graduation from the course you will receive a Focus Awards Certificate of Achievement and a Diploma from My Distance Learning College.

FQP courses are ideal for professionals required to demonstrate commitment to CPD (Continuous Professional Development), and for those wanting to gain specialist knowledge of a particular subject.

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